Sixth Form

Castle Community College Sixth Form is a dynamic and innovative place for young people to learn.   It has grown immensely since its origins to now be the learning choice for over 150 young people.

In order to accommodate our increasing number of young people effectively, we offer a wide variety of courses, including traditional A-level, BTEC courses and Cambridge Technicals.  It is our firm belief that every young person can benefit from Sixth Form education and that it is our duty to ensure that young people are given the choices that will enable them to achieve to their fullest potential.

As well as providing a wealth of courses for our young people, Castle Community College Sixth Form seeks to develop the social and emotional development of our students.  We offer a leadership programme that provides the opportunity for our Sixth Form students to act as teaching assistants, peer mentors and role models for the students in main school.  We provide ongoing PSHE aimed specifically at Sixth Form students, including guidance in crucial areas such as finance, sexual health, road safety, e-safety and drugs and alcohol abuse.

There are a range of social events held throughout the year, including a Christmas shopping spree, a Year 12 BBQ and Awards afternoon and a Year 13 Leavers event.  The Sixth Form Social Committee have been very active in the past at creating exciting social events for our students and the College have always supported their initiatives.

It is our aim to provide a learning environment in which young people feel safe and valued and for this reason there are strong pastoral systems in place for our Sixth Form students, including a Tutor, a Student Liaison Officer, and myself as Head of Sixth Form.  We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our students and their families and work hard to ensure that students always feel that there is someone willing to listen and help with the various challenges that they might face during these important years.

We hope very much that you find this website useful in providing you with the information you need, but please feel free to contact the College to either ask further questions or arrange a visit.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Chris Stanley

Head of Sixth Form